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Drug Pricing: Where’s the Future Headed?

Elizabeth Carpenter, Caroline F. Pearson , Rujul Desai

April 26, 2017
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

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Consumers rate drug prices as their primary concern in healthcare. Public focus on drug pricing is also amplified by the growth in spending on prescription drugs in Medicare and Medicaid. Policymakers, state governments, and private organizations have proposed policies to address drug prices that each carries their own set of implications.

Join us to hear experts Elizabeth Carpenter, Rujul Desai, and Caroline Pearson discuss potential drug pricing policy changes that seek to:

  • Increase transparency for pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers
  • Promote competition and market-based solutions
  • Medicaid reforms, including expansion funding and block grants/per-capita caps
  • Limit public program spending in Medicaid,  Medicare Part D and Medicare Part B


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