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Healthcare Industry Outlook

Avalere’s Healthcare Industry Outlook will help you focus on what matters this year to anticipate change and adapt your business. Each year our experts—representing every stakeholder perspective: pharma, device, provider, health plan, patient, and government—share the complete view of the newest trends. Experience firsthand why thousands of industry professionals flock to Avalere every January to set their compasses.

Webinar: Avalere 2021 Healthcare Industry Outlook: Clearing the Path

The accelerated changes and increased uncertainties in healthcare brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic will continue into 2021 and its impacts are likely to shape healthcare for years to come. While prevalent uncertainty is a given, the broad outline of a new era is already emerging. More than ever, careful examination of healthcare stakeholder’s business models, policy developments, and data will be essential to arrive at accurate assessments of the future state. Join our experts for a live discussion covering critical issues facing healthcare leaders and strategies for clearing the path.

Video: Avalere 2017 Healthcare Industry Outlook

2017 will be the start of major environmental changes for the healthcare industry following a shift in the balance of power in Washington and the States. Listen to moderator Caroline Pearson set the stage for our 2017 Healthcare Industry Outlook.

2016 Industry Outlook

Get a sense of what to anticipate in the 2016 healthcare landscape in our annual 2016 Industry Outlook: Reducing Cost and Demonstrating Value.

Video: Avalere 2016 Healthcare Industry Outlook

In 2016, 2 key themes underlie much of the shift in the healthcare landscape: cost and value. Each of these elements is critical as we attempt to reduce costs by improving value across the healthcare system. Caroline Pearson, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Policy, gives a preview of what to expect.

Josh Seidman

2015 Industry Outlook

Avalere hosted its 2015 Outlook webinar last week, which featured Tanisha Carino, Lindy Hinman, Ellen Lukens and Josh Seidman.

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