Product Utilization Data Analysis Informs Biotech Growth Strategy


A biotechnology company sought detailed product utilization data, by indication and line of therapy, and commercialization strategy support to help identify opportunities to improve access to its product. We leveraged our in-house claims data to assess the size and utilization patterns of the patient populations of interest, analyzing Part B claims data and translating analytic findings into actionable commercialization strategies (e.g., prioritization of target accounts based on factors such as patient volume, ownership affiliations, and changes in product market share). We developed visuals to convey the results of our analysis, which the client is using to better understand utilization trends and inform its growth strategy.

Client Type

Large, US-based biotechnology company


The client sought our expertise to better understand product utilization trends based on indication, geography, and line of therapy, with a focus on the client’s key accounts.


First, we defined the patient population of interest based on diagnosis codes and product use during specific periods. Our clinical subject matter experts then worked iteratively with the client to define a claims-based logic that our analytics team used to classify patients of interest and identify the relevant cohort. Before beginning our analysis, we presented table shells and visualization designs to ensure that final deliverables would meet the client’s needs.

Our claims analysis—which leveraged our access to 100% fee-for-service claims data—contained several measures of utilization, including unique beneficiaries, unique claims, and product units. We stratified the results to provide targeted insights by indication, line of therapy, and account-level use. In addition, we aggregated our account-level analysis to the practice ownership level to compare utilization across accounts under the same parent organization. We then generated data visualizations to reveal patterns within and across accounts and to compare changes over time. For example, when a priority account increased its overall utilization of Competitor B, we assessed line of therapy both by product and by indication to determine that the increase had resulted from use of a second-line therapy. These visualizations conveyed a clear story, enabling rapid insights that could have remained hidden in basic summary statistics or high-level, aggregated figures.

Examples of graphics in the client deliverables



The client’s sales and marketing teams are using these data to distinguish their market share across different sectors and grow their business strategically. The client’s market access analytics team, which sponsored this project, shares project insights with cross-functional teams across the organization to support the policy, market access strategy, sales, and commercial teams.

Manufacturers in the relevant therapeutic area face increased competition from new product approvals and the entry of biosimilars. We refresh the analytics quarterly to provide the client with robust, current results to help it drive its business strategy.

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