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COVID-19 Intel Center

As our healthcare industry works together to make near- and long-term decisions about COVID-19, our public health, vaccine, and policy experts are here to help decipher the facts and navigate downstream implications for the healthcare system.

Penelope Solis

Podcast: E10, Part 1 – Get the Facts on COVID-19: Impacts on Healthcare Provider Performance

Tune into the tenth episode of our series of podcasts that focuses on COVID-19, which will discuss impacts on provider performance in 3 critical segments. In episode 10 Part I, Avalere experts from the Center for Healthcare Transformation will discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on measures, specifically related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obstetrics and gynecology, and primary care disease management.

Elizabeth Carpenter

COVID-19 Compass

COVID-19 continues to spread nationwide, and individuals with social risk factors and underlying chronic conditions are at highest risk for severe illness.

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