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Avalere Publishes Manuscript on Validating Preparation for Shared Decision-Making Tool for Advanced Breast Cancer Patients

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Avalere’s “Preparation for Shared Decision-Making” (PFSDM) tool aims to help patients with advanced breast cancer (ABC) feel prepared to communicate with their clinicians and engage in decision making aligned with their preferences. The validation study confirms the acceptability and usability of the tool for women with ABC.

On December 20, Avalere published a manuscript in the Journal of Participatory Medicine that highlights findings from our qualitative evaluation of the PFSDM tool for ABC patients. Through a human-centered design approach, Avalere developed the PFSDM tool to support women with ABC in preparing to share their goals and preferences with their providers. Our goal in this study was to validate the tool for its acceptability and usability among this patient population. We interviewed a diverse mix of women with ABC (n=30) and assessed 8 themes to understand the acceptability and usability of the tool:

  1. Understandability
  2. Clarity of information
  3. Amount of information
  4. Suitability for decision making
  5. Usefulness
  6. Relevance of information
  7. Value
  8. Formatting

Interviewees expressed that the tool is acceptable for preparing patients for decision making and would be useful for helping patients know what to expect throughout their care experience. Interviewees also provided useful comments and highlighted opportunities to improve the PFSDM tool.

This validated tool holds promise in appropriately preparing women with ABC for their treatment panning visits and improving their engagement in decision making with their clinicians. In addition, Avalere has used this validated tool as a foundation for the creation of PFSDM tools in other conditions.

To learn more about Avalere’s work in this space, connect with us.

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This research was supported by a multi-stakeholder collaborative that was jointly funded by life sciences companies, payers, and patient advocacy organizations. Avalere retained full editorial control.

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