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Avalere's President and Founder, Dan Mendelson, recently wrote a column about the new strategies that device manufacturers should take in this era of healthcare.
Please note: This is an archived post. Some of the information and data discussed in this article may be out of date. It is preserved here for historical reference but should not be used as the basis for business decisions. Please see our main Insights section for more recent posts.

In this Medtech Insight op-ed, Dan also focuses in on 4 new rules that are currently shaping the device space:

  • Providers increasingly face a capitated or cost-constrained environment
  • Health system integration is shifting the locus of decision making
  • Quality measures drive profitability and value assessment for both plans
  • A robust and evolving health IT environment is increasingly driving decision making
  • You can access the full article from the “Download PDF” button on the right-hand toolbar.

You can access the full article from the “Download PDF” button on the right-hand toolbar.

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