Manufacturers’ Opportunities in Digital Therapeutics

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Digital therapeutics is the fastest growing field in digital health, offering promising benefits for patient outcomes and healthcare system efficiencies.

Avalere’s colleagues at Fishawack Health released a white paper on the role of digital therapeutics in increasing the value of medicinal assets, driving differentiation, and improving patient outcomes. This exclusive excerpt describes the myriad opportunities for stakeholders.

Possibilities for digital health, digital medicine, and digital therapeutics
Figure 1. Definitions of Relevant Terms
Figure 1. Definitions of Relevant Terms

Opportunities in Digital Therapeutics

Digital therapeutics can help maximize the value of an asset. With the continued advance of technology and the increasing need for better, more efficient healthcare solutions, digital therapeutics are likely to play an increasingly important role in the future of medicine and digital health. A digital therapeutic offering can drive the development of an attractive value proposition and unique market differentiator, benefiting multiple stakeholders.

Benefits for Life Sciences Firms

  • Differentiates assets positively in a crowded market with multiple competing mechanisms of action where first, second, and even third generations are all on the market simultaneously
  • Drives clinical trial efficiency
  • Provides an efficient way to collect data
  • Maximizes the therapeutic potential of asset
  • Provides more compelling data to regulators and payers to achieve more favorable access
  • Increases stakeholder preferences for treatment option
  • Helps maintain share after loss of exclusivity

Benefits for Payers

  • Offers payers scalable and cost-effective intervention
  • Provides improved clinical and health economic outcomes
  • Provides new treatment options for diseases that may not be well managed presently
  • Potentially decreases healthcare cost of medical interventions, due to improved outcomes and a reduction of in-person visits and hospital stays
  • Enables the collection and integration of real-world data supporting population health outcomes

Dive Deeper

Read the white paper and connect with digital therapeutics experts at Fishawack, a global commercialization partner for the biopharmaceutical and  medical technology industries.

Product sponsors can leverage Avalere’s industry-leading expertise in US healthcare policy, Food & Drug Administration regulatory pathways, and payer dynamics to develop strategies for digital therapeutics product development, review, and access. To understand the landscape and implications from clinical development to payer coverage, connect with us.

Webinar | A Closer Look at Patient Support On June 6 at 2 PM ET, Avalere experts will explore how potential implications of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)’s out-of-pocket cap, in addition to other key regulatory and policy activities shaping benefit design and patient cost-share (e.g., EHB), could impact patient commercial and foundation assistance. Learn More
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