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COVID-19 and Oncology Care


Tune into another episode in the Avalere Health Essential Voice podcast series focused on disease education. In this segment, experts from Community Oncology Alliance (COA) and Texas Oncology join us to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on oncology care from a provider and patient perspective.
“Because the politics and policy have been so focused on COVID-19, it’s important for policymakers to realize there's an underlying crisis in cancer care after we've done so well for so many years. We have a real problem.” Ted Okon


Lilian Buch , Associate Principal, Commercialization & Regulatory Strategy

Lilian Buch guides the development of innovative market access and patient support strategies to align with the client's priorities and goals

Prior to joining Avalere, Lilian was a senior access and reimbursement manager with Bristol Myers Squibb where she supported and executed patient access program strategies for oncology, rheumatology, and transplant portfolios.

Guest Speaker
Ted Okon, MBA , Executive Director, Community Oncology Alliance
Ted Okon is the Executive Director of COA and is a nationally recognized expert on cancer care policy and politics who is frequently quoted in the press and has testified before Congress.
Guest Speaker
Debra Patt, MD , Executive Vice President, Texas Oncology
Dr Patt is an Executive Vice President of Texas Oncology, a leader in clinical informatics, and healthcare policy and serves on the board of the community oncology alliance.

If you would like to watch the video version, please visit our video page.

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