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Medicare Part D, Part V: What’s Next for CMMI?

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Tune into the fifth and final episode of the Avalere Health Essential Voice miniseries focused on Medicare Part D. In this segment, our experts discuss the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) and its strategic direction for the coming year, particularly as it relates to the Part D program.
“If the administration is not successful in advancing some of their core drug pricing priorities through legislation, we may begin to see CMMI step to the forefront and take on some of those issues.” Ryan Urgo, Managing Director, Policy


Sarah Butler , Head, Client Solutions, Marketing & Operations

Sarah Butler specializes in evidence-based medicine, value-based contracting, and strategy development.

Ryan Urgo , Managing Director, Policy

Ryan Urgo provides strategic advice to drug manufacturers, health plans, and advocacy groups to help navigate the complex health policy environment and the impact of legislative and regulatory policies on their respective business goals.

Guest Speaker
Neil Lund , Senior Advisor, Avalere Health
Neil Lund brings more than 30 years’ worth of actuarial and formulary management experience to the firm; he works with a range of life sciences and health plan clients on issues tied to market access, patient access, and product positioning.
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