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Navigating Distribution and Third-Party Logistics, Part III

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Tune into another episode of Avalere Health Essential Voice in our series focused on product distribution and logistics. In the final segment, our experts welcome leaders from Gilead Sciences and Jazz Pharmaceuticals to continue their discussion around channel strategy development and selecting the right partner to help execute that strategy.
“In every model, in every strategy, the patient is first and foremost. How do we get this drug into the hands of the people who need it? How do we get to the patients who need the medicine? If you keep that at the heart of everything, the strategy is going to work...."” Chad Pulliam, Executive Director, Channel Distribution and Trade Relations for Jazz Pharmaceuticals


Kevin Kissling , Senior Consultant, Market Access & Reimbursement

Kevin advises clients on a range of commercialization strategies including supply chain and new drug launches.

Guest Speaker
Chad Pulliam , Executive Director, Channel Distribution and Trade Relations , Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Chad's team is responsible for channel strategy and account management across all brands and trade channels and channel partners.
Guest Speaker
Jason Krings , Vice President, Managed Market Strategy and Operations, Gilead Sciences
Jason has worked in the BioPharma industry for over 16 years; currently, Jason provides leadership in Gilead’s US Managed Markets Organization with oversight of functions including Distribution, Trade Account Management, Access & Reimbursement Operations, Government Pricing, Analytics, Compliance and Payer Contracting.
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