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Listen to Avalere Health Essential Voice podcasts. Twenty years ago, we set out to be the essential voice in improving healthcare. Rest your eyes or use your commute time to hear our experts discuss the hot topics that you need to track.

Infusing the Patient Perspective into Value Assessment, Part II

Tune into another episode of Avalere Health Essential Voice in our Start Your Day with Avalere series. In this segment, we continue our series on infusing the patient perspective into value assessment with a discussion on the need for a solution to incorporating value drivers outside of traditional endpoints, and introduce a proposed approach to quantify those elements of healthcare value.

Christina Badaracco

Malnutrition and Quality Improvement

Tune into another episode of Avalere Health Essential Voice. In this segment of our Disease Education series, experts from our Center for Healthcare Transformation discuss the burden of malnutrition on our healthcare system and how an Avalere-led quality improvement initiative has helped systems across the country improve malnutrition identification and treatment.

Matt Kazan

Senior Health and Well-Being During COVID-19

Tune into another episode in the Avalere Health Essential Voice podcast series focused on COVID-19. In this segment, Richard Ashworth, President and CEO of Tivity Health, joins us to discuss survey findings around COVID-19 and the senior population, with key takeaways related to vaccination acceptance and hesitancy.

Oladeji Faborode

Strong Start in Birth Centers: Socio‐Demographic Characteristics, Care Processes, and Outcomes for Mothers and Newborns

Tune into another episode of Avalere’s Journal Club Review podcast series on Avalere Health Essential Voice. In this segment, our experts discuss the findings, themes, and implications of a recent study that analyzed CMS Strong Start results to determine outcomes for mothers and newborns engaged in care with American Association of Birth Centers (AABC) sites.

Avalere 2021 Healthcare Industry Outlook: Clearing the Path

The accelerated changes and increased uncertainties in healthcare brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic will continue into 2021, and its impacts are likely to shape healthcare for years to come. While prevalent uncertainty is a given, the broad outline of a new era is already emerging. More than ever, careful examination of healthcare stakeholder’s business models, policy developments, and data will be essential to arrive at accurate assessments of the future state. Our experts engaged in a live discussion covering critical issues facing healthcare leaders and strategies for clearing the path.

Christie Teigland

Social Determinants of Health: The Importance of Data, Part 1

Tune into our fifth episode in the Avalere Health Essential Voice podcast series focused on social determinants of health (SDOH). In Part 1 of this segment, our experts from Avalere’s Health Economics and Advanced Analytics practice discuss the importance of SDOH data, how health plans are increasingly utilizing that data, and the ongoing limitations to data access.

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