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The Coverage Gap and Medicaid Expansion

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In this segment, our experts discuss the forthcoming debate around the coverage gap in non-Medicaid expansion states, potential policy options, and the impact on key stakeholders.
“Alternatively, for plans who may have been looking at those states and seeing large potential managed Medicaid enrollment, at first glance, this is less positive for them, but there could be a long game where a new federal program would include a managed Medicaid option akin to Medicare Advantage.” Massey Whorley


Elizabeth Carpenter , Head of Advisory Services

Elizabeth specializes in policy, particularly in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), trends in commercial insurance, drug pricing policy, and the impact of politics on the policy landscape.

Massey Whorley , Associate Principal, Policy

Massey Whorley provides clients with data-driven policy analysis using his quantitative skills, modeling expertise, and knowledge of public health insurance programs.

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