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Organize the Quality Measures Chaos

Inform your quality engagement strategies by streamlining and quickly identifying the quality measures that matter



Avalere Quality Measures Navigator® (QMN) is the most comprehensive quality measure repository in existence. QMN helps you quickly find quality measure information by various attributes such as specific diseases, quality programs, facility type, or medication use. With the click of a button, narrow your results to see measures that are most important to your business strategy and learn which measures are linked to payment programs that most impact providers and health plans.



Once you have the information you need, you can easily produce measure reports related to your areas of focus. Save your searches to quickly update reports as new information is available. Share both printer-friendly reports and comprehensive spreadsheet exports with your team to inform strategic planning and initiatives. Brand our reports with your logo using our white-label option to augment your expertise.

Life Sciences

  • Avoid hours spent hunting for and consolidating measure information to use time more strategically to prepare for product positioning and patient care conversations
  • Capture quality measures' information to integrate into drug development and product launch planning
  • Identify quality measure gaps to develop alliances to promote new measure development
  • Obtain customized, white-label, leave-behind, measure reports for field teams

Measure Developers

  • Determine the existing measure landscape and provide a foundation for new measure development
  • Uncover how your measures are used by other healthcare entities
  • Reveal major measure changes that have occurred over time and measure versions in specific programs


  • Obtain perspective into the fullness of the measure landscape to understand remaining gaps, perform gap analysis, and measure alignment across programs
  • Track measure changes in programs over time with longitudinal data sets

Providers (IDN, ACO, Large Physician Groups)

  • Understand your reporting requirements to public and private quality programs
  • Obtain customized measure reports specific to your specialty or group type


Search QMN’s comprehensive repository of quality measures by disease, measure steward, and quality program. Within a quality program, further identify measures by various attributes such as measure steward, NQF endorsement status, and measure type including patient-reported outcomes measures. Quickly compare versions of a quality measure across quality programs.

When a quality measure is created by a measure developer, its specifications may be altered when adopted into quality programs or submitted for endorsement. Avalere organizes all the versions of each quality measure into an Avalere Synthesized Measure® (ASM). This ASM presents a normalized view of measure specifications that maps how each unique measure created by a measure developer is used in quality, accreditation programs, and public reporting. QMN shows how a measure may differ across versions and provides a longitudinal view of how the measure has evolved over time.

In very complex programs such as the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), QMN allows users to not only review measures by collection type (i.e., reporting option), but also includes hundreds of custom measures from qualified clinical data registries (QCDRs) that can be compared to and synthesized with CMS measures.

Gain access to the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s (NCQA’s) Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set® (HEDIS). HEDIS, a proprietary measure set, is one of healthcare’s most widely used performance improvement tools. 190 million people are enrolled in plans that report HEDIS results.

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Your enterprise license includes unlimited users, unmetered access, and unlimited report creation. Onsite and web-based training is supplemented with easy-to-use help documents, plus members enjoy reduced fees for advisory services projects using the tool. Inquiry Service connects you with Avalere experts to help you get the most from your QMN membership.

Supplemental Offerings

Supplemental Offerings

Add your brand to our disease-specific reports that show outcomes measures currently in use within quality programs. Feel free to circulate this report internally to share the information with colleagues who need to take action. Ask about our QMN At-a-Glance Aggregated Measure Analysis report to stay current with the latest MIPS.

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Ensuring the quality measures are current and relevant, Dan Day and his team maintain QMN’s content integrity. Based on client feedback, they continuously enhance QMN to make it efficient and flexible so you can research and reference your searches quickly.