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Social Determinants of Health

It is well known that various populations have less access to care, yet there are many nontraditional healthcare issues that are affecting access to care. These vary from lack of transportation, proper nutrition, education, safe housing conditions, and child care. Identify and translate those at risk using our extensive data and expert guidance to address this societal issue.

Christina Badaracco

Podcast: Social Determinants of Health: WIC Health Outcomes

Tune into our third episode in the Avalere Health Essential Voice podcast series focused on social determinants of health (SDOH). In this segment, our expert from Avalere’s Center for Healthcare Transformation is joined by officials from the Washington State Department of Health to discuss public health programs focused on maternal and child health, and how these programs relate to healthcare access and health outcomes.

Christina Badaracco

Declining WIC Participation May Lead to Poorer Health Outcomes

With fewer eligible Americans participating in WIC, increased risk of food insecurity and decreased access to quality healthcare may place a greater burden on our healthcare system. The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbates the challenges of vulnerable populations in access to food resources and routine and acute care.

Mali Khan

Podcast: Neighborhood Racial and Economic Polarization, Hospital of Delivery, and Severe Maternal Morbidity

Tune into another episode of Avalere’s Journal Club Review podcast series on Avalere Health Essential Voice. In this segment, Dr. Sura Edmond, a Research Scientist in the Center for Healthcare Transformation, joins Associate Mali Khan to discuss the findings, themes, and relevant application of a contemporary healthcare publication.

Podcast: Understanding Social Determinants of Health

Tune into our first episode of the Avalere Health Essential Voice: Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) series. In this segment, Avalere experts from the Center for Healthcare Transformation and the Health Plans and Providers practice set the stage for how stakeholders are defining SDOH and the impacts of SDOH on health outcomes, specifically when addressing social risks and needs.

Christina Badaracco

Payer Issues, Part 2: Health Plans’ Interventions to Address Food Insecurity

The growing prevalence and disparities in chronic diseases necessitate that health plans address food insecurity to improve patient outcomes. The combination of increasing need for access to healthy food and changes in the health policy and insurance landscape create opportunities to address food insecurity through a variety of payers.

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