Chandler Burris-Jones

Chandler Burris-Jones supports clients with evidence-based research and analysis that spans healthcare sectors and stakeholders.

With a background in research and project management, he contributes to the development of client analysis and insights.

Chandler’s background in health research and needs assessment includes varied research experiences. At AdvaMed, he supported the Payment and Healthcare Delivery Department with project management and research on medical devices and diagnostic policies related to Medicare payment, coverage, coding, value assessment, and price transparency. As a research scholar at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, he supported the Planning, Evaluation, Education, and Research team’s efforts in research and needs evaluation. Additionally, he has experience as a community-based health researcher in a tropical disease research program, performing home-based health promotion assessments.

Chandler has a BS in biological sciences and a minor in business administration from Ohio University.