Domitilla Masi

Domitilla Masi supports the research and analysis efforts of Avalere’s Center for Healthcare Transformation, engaging with healthcare stakeholders in adapting their business models and practices to achieve value-based care.

She applies her expertise in health care delivery system reforms and new and emerging alternative payment models, with a special focus on the shift toward patient engagement, shared decision making and patient-centered care.

Prior to joining Avalere, Domitilla was a research assistant at the Brookings Institution’s Center for Health Policy, leading qualitative and quantitative research on alternative payment and delivery models, health IT, and Affordable Care Act implementation. Prior to that, as a fellow at Capital Caring, she contributed to research on long-term and end-of-life care services, workforce, and policy.

Domitilla has an MS in health, population, and society from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and a BS in anthropology from University College London.

Authored Content

As part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Cost Conversation project, Avalere led the development of a set of practice briefs that provide actionable resources to healthcare providers about how to improve the value and frequency of cost conversations with patients.

Despite recognition that providers should implement shared decision making (SDM) as standard practice, integration of SDM into regular care delivery remains elusive.

Avalere used a human-centered design approach structured around patient preferences to help guide advanced breast cancer patients.

Today, Avalere published a technical appendix to the PPVF Version 1.0 methodology report, outlining a quantitative method for incorporating patient preferences into value assessments and healthcare decision making.

Evidence suggests that shared decision-making can play a role in advancing a value-based care delivery system.

Blog post features key learnings from the Patient-Perspective Value Framework.

Today, Avalere and FasterCures published Version 1.0 of the Patient-Perspective Value Framework (PPVF).

This week, FasterCures provided Avalere with a second round of seed funding to test, refine and validate the PPVF.

Today, the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) released an updated version of its Value Assessment Framework.

Avalere and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Launch Eight Grants to Improve Cost-of-Care Conversations Between Patients and Clinicians.

Avalere and FasterCures released the first deliverable of the Patient-Perspective Value Framework (PPVF) Initiative at the annual Partnering for Cures Conference.

In June 2016, in collaboration with FasterCures, Avalere launched the Patient-Perspective Value Framework (PPVF) Initiative to develop a value framework that appropriately incorporates the patient's perspective on value.

Avalere Supports the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Issuing Two Calls for Proposals

On June 1, Josh Seidman participated in a panel discussion hosted by FasterCures to discuss Avalere's collaboration with FasterCures to develop a patient-centric value framework.

FasterCures and Avalere partner to develop a patient-perspective value framework.

With growing out-of-pocket spending for care, patients are increasingly interested in knowing, upfront, how much their care will cost them, and how it relates to the quality and appropriateness of their care. Yet, various barriers often prevent these conversations from occurring during routine clinical encounters.