John C. Neal

John C. Neal partners with pharmaceutical and biotech clients to develop market access assessments and launch strategies designed to ensure successful commercialization of assets.

He has deep therapeutic experience in multiple sclerosis, immuno oncology, and vaccines, and has a passion for helping clients solve difficult access hurdles for novel, next generation therapeutics and public health initiatives.

Prior to joining Avalere, John held a variety of consulting and biotech industry leadership positions. He has consulted on numerous specialty product launches in therapeutic areas including atopic dermatitis, cardiovascular disease, and orphan indications myasthenia gravis and immune thrombocytopenia. His most recent industry experience was as vice president of Market Access Strategy and Payer Marketing with EMD Serono, where he lead a team that developed the strategy and execution across the portfolio of Part B and Part D products. In addition, he led the market access launch activities for EMD Serono’s oncology and multiple sclerosis products. Prior to EMD, he spent over 13 years with GSK and Novartis in US and global vaccine commercialization.

John Neal hold a BSc in chemistry from the University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana and an MBA in marketing from Drake University.

Authored Content

The accelerated changes and increased uncertainties in healthcare brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic will continue into 2021 and its impacts are likely to shape healthcare for years to come. While prevalent uncertainty is a given, the broad outline of a new era is already emerging. More than ever, careful examination of healthcare stakeholder’s business models, policy developments, and data will be essential to arrive at accurate assessments of the future state. Join our experts for a live discussion covering critical issues facing healthcare leaders and strategies for clearing the path.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released coding and payment instructions associated with the first physician-administered outpatient COVID-19 therapeutic. The release specifies that during the public health emergency (PHE), Medicare will cover and pay for these infusions in the same way it does for COVID-19 vaccines.

The convergence of the seasonal influenza and the current COVID-19 vaccines will merge several distribution considerations for a diverse group of stakeholders.

Join Avalere experts for Part 2 of our Market Access Enablement Strategies webinar series to learn about the policy changes and market factors that could impact the future relationships between manufacturers, health plans, and pharmacy benefit managers.

On July 22, Avalere experts discussed the marketplace for COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics in the “Cutting Through the Noise: Market Evolution and Pathways to Access for COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics” webinar. They examined FDA regulatory considerations, coverage and access challenges, and key pricing and distribution scenarios for optimal US market access.

Avalere experts discussed the marketplace for COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics, including key decision points for regulatory pathways, pricing, and distribution scenarios for optimal US and EX-US market access. 

On June 9, Avalere experts discussed new data analytics and approaches for evaluating value-based topics in healthcare in the “New Data Approaches for Novel Curative Therapies & APMs” webinar. They examined the current approaches to assessing the value of treatments, novel curative therapy affordability and access, and the role of data in healthcare decision-making.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread around the world, FDA has been balancing taking action to accelerate development of COVID-19 therapeutics and vaccines, while concurrently maintaining day to day activities to ensure proper oversight of current and future products on the market for all other unmet medical needs.

Avalere experts discussed new data analytics and health economics and outcomes research approaches for evaluating key value-based topics in healthcare, including novel curative therapy affordability and access, alternative payment models, and the increasingly important role of real-world evidence in healthcare decision-making.

In the third episode of the Specialty Pharmacy Stakeholder Perspectives podcast series, Avalere is joined by Dr. Colin Edgerton to discuss the specialty pharmacy dynamics with a focus on the provider outlook.

The evolution of the US influenza vaccine market offers insights into the potential barriers and opportunities for successful rollouts of novel COVID-19 vaccines.

Although COVID-19 is introducing new challenges within the global pharmaceutical supply chain, the current situation also creates opportunities for stakeholders to evaluate drug security and implement risk-mitigation strategies around shortages and required stockpiles.