Sebastian Godoy supports clients with research and analysis that span a variety of healthcare sectors and stakeholders.

He applies his background in federal and state health policy to a broad range of client projects in areas such as Medicaid, the exchanges, PBMs, the Inflation Reduction Act, and market dynamics for rare disease products.

Before joining Avalere, Sebastian held a variety of internship positions. As an intern with Hyattsville City Police Department’s Mental Wellness Check In, Sebastian advised the police administration on mental health parity and first responder health disparities, crafting surveys to gauge the effectiveness of the program, and managing sensitive data banks. Additionally, he supported the University of Maryland by serving as the interim communications and media manager for the School of Public Health and as the lead teaching assistant for the foundations of public health class.

Sebastian has a BS in genetics from Texas A&M University and an MPH in health policy analysis and evaluation from the University of Maryland.

Authored Content

Providers and pharmacies are two critical stakeholders that should prepare their own IRA strategies to adequately react to a changing landscape.

Plans preparing MA-PD and PDP bids for Plan Year 2025 should consider how Part D redesign will affect enrollee costs, plan payment, and market dynamics.

Increased use of alternative funding programs has introduced new access challenges for patients, plans, and manufacturers for specialty therapies.

IRA negotiation eligibility criteria may impact orphan drug investment, affecting long-term innovation and patient access.

Stakeholders should consider the interaction of inflation-based rebates, AMP cap removal, and Medicare price negotiation in pricing and contracting strategies.

Due to changes proposed in the CY 2024 Advance Notice, enrollees in Medicare Advantage could have higher premiums and fewer benefits in 2024 than 2023.