Sloan Tandet

Sloan Tandet supports clients with research and analysis that span a variety of healthcare sectors and stakeholders.

She applies her background in research analytics and public health to a broad range of client projects. 

Prior to joining Avalere, Sloan was a research assistant in Boston Medical Center’s Pediatrics Department where she researched and identified pediatric studies with culturally sensitive protocols for inclusion in a systemic literature review. As a policy fellow for Essentials for Childhood at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, she researched community social connectedness. 

Sloan has an MPH from Boston University and a BS in psychology and public health from the College of William & Mary.

Authored Content

Digital health solutions continue to advance the way healthcare is delivered. Through research and development as well as stakeholder partnerships, life science companies can leverage digital health technologies to optimize access along the patient care journey.

Liquid biopsies test blood samples for circulating tumor DNA (tumor derived cell-free DNA), circulating tumor cells, cell-free tumor DNA, proteins, metabolites, exosomes, messenger RNA, and microRNAs. The promise of liquid biopsies is a new modality that screens for cancer in ways that complement and, in some cases, improve existing tests, and allow testing for early detection, cancer diagnosis, and monitoring of minimum residual disease and recurrence, without the need for invasive biopsies.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released coding and payment instructions associated with the first physician-administered outpatient COVID-19 therapeutic. The release specifies that during the public health emergency (PHE), Medicare will cover and pay for these infusions in the same way it does for COVID-19 vaccines.

As technology comes to the forefront in healthcare innovation, the venture capital arms of many pharmaceutical companies are solidifying their presence as key investors.