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Value Assessments

Healthcare stakeholders are looking to third parties to help evaluate the value of new medical products. But defining value is complicated. Read about efforts to assess product value, including Avalere’s initiative to develop a value framework that incorporates the patient perspective.

Deconstructing the Path to Innovation Adoption

During the last week of October, Avalere invited a select group of innovators to breakfasts in Los Angeles and San Francisco to discuss elements of successful adoption of innovative technologies and models of care.

Key Steps to Improve Patient-Clinician Cost-of-Care Conversations

With growing out-of-pocket spending for care, patients are increasingly interested in knowing, upfront, how much their care will cost them, and how it relates to the quality and appropriateness of their care. Yet, various barriers often prevent these conversations from occurring during routine clinical encounters.

Video: Keys to a Successful Patient Engagement Strategy

How can you position your organization for new payment models that emphasize quality of care over quantity of services performed or therapies sold? Engage patients. In this short video, Josh Seidman, Avalere Payment & Delivery Innovation, defines the key imperatives to creating a successful patient engagement strategy that will bring your organization to the forefront of the industry's transition from fee-for-service to value-based care.

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