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2015 Industry Outlook: Strategic Implications of Healthcare Changes in the New Year


In 2014 the healthcare industry saw fundamental change in how health plans approach the market, provider consolidation in many areas, a focus on quality-based payments, unprecedented growth in consumer liability for the cost of chronic illness, and a slowing in the rise in healthcare costs.

What are the practical implications for strategy? What can we expect in 2015 with new markets and new decision makers? Listen to our discussion on these issues and their implications:

  • New sources of insurance – both individual and consumer-directed – and how changes in benefit design are affecting consumer choices.
  • Quality-based payments – how they are being crafted and how they are affecting the type of healthcare prioritized by plans.
  • Change at the FDA, including biosimilars approvals, and stakeholder and patient voice. And how legislation may affect the FDA mission.
  • The likely future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) given a new political configuration and the start of a new political season.
  • Next steps for innovative health system models, including commercial contracts, Medicare shared savings, Accountable Care Organization (ACO) rulemaking.


Josh Seidman , Managing Director, Center for Healthcare Transformation

Josh Seidman advises clients on health delivery and payment innovation with a focus on using information technology to guide value-based care models.

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