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Avalere 2022 Healthcare Industry Outlook: Advance Your Opportunity

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From policy and regulatory changes to COVID-19 and driving customer engagement, the healthcare environment continues to require healthcare stakeholders to adapt their strategies. How will you stay ahead of the trends impacting your business?

Elizabeth Carpenter, Head of Advisory Services, and other Avalere experts engaged in a live discussion covering critical issues and highlighting strategies for advancing your opportunity in 2022.

The conversation offered actionable insights on:

  • The impact of healthcare policy and regulatory changes on your business
  • How data and technology can drive consumer engagement and reduce disparities
  • The ongoing role of COVID-19 in shaping the healthcare ecosystem


Use the links to the right to access various materials from the webinar.


Elizabeth Carpenter , Head of Advisory Services

Elizabeth specializes in policy, particularly in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), trends in commercial insurance, drug pricing policy, and the impact of politics on the policy landscape.

Panel 1: Changing Policy and Regulatory Landscape

Mark Gooding Principal
Market Access & Reimbursement
Matt Kazan Principal
Megan Olsen Principal
Shalini Parekh Principal
Market Access & Reimbursement
Massey Whorley Associate Principal
Rebecca Yip Principal

Panel 2: Evolving Impact of COVID-19

Kelly L. George Principal
Market Access & Reimbursement
Lance Grady Practice Director
Market Access & Reimbursement
Jason Hall Managing Director

Panel 3: Data and Technology Driving Consumer Engagement

Brigit Kyei-Baffour Associate Principal
Market Access & Reimbursement
Taylor Musser Associate Principal
Center for Healthcare Transformation
Allison Petrilla Managing Director
Health Economics & Advanced Analytics
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