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Contracting 2.0: Developing Strategies for Next Generation Performance Contracting


Our final webinar in a three-part series: Navigating the New Dynamics of Outcomes Contracting and Risk Sharing Arrangements covers: Key considerations for designing effective Performance Contracts; current therapeutic areas of focus between Payers and Pharma; ways to better align data collection and outcomes measurement; considerations to address key regulatory and compliance challenges; and various financial incentive models that can govern these arrangements.

Other panelists include Rujul Desai.

For more on the webinar series, including an archive to the first webinar, “Focus on Value: Understanding the Impact of Performance Contracting on Market Dynamics”, click here.


Kathy Hughes , Managing Director, Commercialization & Regulatory Strategy

Kathy Hughes advises Avalere clients on value strategies, market access, and evidence planning.

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