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Issues and Imperatives Facing Health Insurers in 2014: Key Implications for the Life Sciences Industry


Co-sponsored by Avalere Health and California Healthcare Institute

Join Avalere Health and CHI for a complimentary webinar that will address the major issues and imperatives facing health insurers in 2014. Since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, health insurers have gone through a period of monumental change—from key programmatic shifts in Medicare, Medicaid and commercial health insurance to major ACA implementation challenges to launching initiatives focused on payment and delivery system reform.

With the start of health insurance exchanges and the expansion of Medicaid eligibility in a number of states in 2014, health insurers will gain access to new populations to offer coverage. However, this coverage expansion will come with its own challenges and pressures—including greater operational complexity and lower margins—will have downstream implications for other healthcare sectors, including the life sciences industry.

At the same time, health insurers are continuing to move ahead with strategic initiatives with providers to bend the cost curve through payment and delivery system reforms. The breadth and pace of these changes have significant potential to alter how providers manage patient care and how new technologies are employed in the US health care system.

During this webinar, you will:

    Learn about the major ACA changes impacting health insurers and their operations

    Understand the new opportunities and risks for insurers under exchanges and Medicaid and the implications for the life sciences industry
    Gain insight into the direction and evolution of new payment and delivery system reforms and the potential impact on access to new treatments

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