Performance-Based Risk-Sharing Arrangements: What Are the Views from the Negotiating Table?

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Shifting to a value-based purchasing (VBP) system provides opportunities to engage payer and provider customers in unique contracting and reimbursement relationships that may optimize market access.
Please note: This is an archived post. Some of the information and data discussed in this article may be out of date. It is preserved here for historical reference but should not be used as the basis for business decisions. Please see our main Insights section for more recent posts.

Performance-based risk-sharing arrangements (PBRSAs) are one of many new schemes stakeholders are exploring, especially for specialty areas such as cardiovascular, oncology, and neurology. Good contract design and administration are integral for success.

Hear our experts discuss the state of PBRSAs and best practices including:

  • Key considerations for designing effective performance contracts
  • Current therapeutic areas of focus between payers and pharma
  • Ways to better align data collection and outcomes measurement
  • Considerations to address key regulatory and compliance challenges
  • Recent public announcements of outcomes-based agreements between pharma and payers


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