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Prepare for Partnership and Federally Facilitated Exchanges


With only a few months until open enrollment, the federal government, states and stakeholders are aggressively pushing forward with implementing exchanges. Avalere Health estimates that nearly two-thirds of all likely exchange enrollees will receive coverage through a federally facilitated or partnership exchange in 2014. Because the majority of exchange enrollees will access coverage through systems operated by the federal government, key decisions about plan participation requirements, consumer interface and outreach, eligibility and enrollment, and options for small businesses will have a crucial impact on health plans’ experiences with the exchanges. Join Avalere experts for a complimentary webinar as we explore implications of federal guidance released to date and discuss the opportunities and risks of participating in partnership and federally-facilitated exchanges. During this webinar, you will:

    • Learn what is known and not yet known about exchanges operated by the federal government


    • Understand how federal decisions made to date will impact plan participation


    Identify tactics plans must use to offer coverage through partnership and federally-facilitated exchanges


Dan Mendelson , Founder

Dan Mendelson is Founder and former CEO of Avalere Health, a vibrant community of innovative thinkers dedicated to solving the challenges of the healthcare system.

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