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About Avalere

Avalere is a vibrant community of innovative thinkers dedicated to solving the challenges of the healthcare system. We know the only way to change healthcare is to ensure a variety of voices are included so we and our customers benefit from every point of view. We leverage our collective strengths to develop practical solutions for our clients. As an Inovalon company, we prize insights and strategies driven by robust data to achieve meaningful results.

Experience That Matters

Excellence means that we hire the top minds in healthcare with different backgrounds and experiences. Our experts–coming from government, patient groups, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, health IT companies, clinicians, and more–have dedicated their careers to improving healthcare.
Their broad experience ensures that our depth of talent is unmatched in the marketplace. We build cross-functional teams to solve your business problems with perspective and focus.

Strategy Realized

Armed with data, our interdisciplinary teams offer deep subject-matter expertise with varied perspectives. Drawing from 63 billion medical events from 338 million unique patients, we use real-world data to devise actionable solutions to advance your business operations.
Avalere's reputation is built on this solid, proven approach.

Clear Vision Forward

Twenty-one years ago, we set out to be the essential voice in improving healthcare. Our name was inspired by the Latin word “valere," meaning "strong and of good health." Filled with movement, our logo captures an essential leadership model: the migration of birds which travel long distances in a V formation. While each bird has a clear vision of its destination, the flock benefits from the wake created by their synchronized wing beats.
The lead bird takes the brunt of the effort for a time and then drops back to let another bird assume the lead. Migrating birds demonstrate a powerful model of constant collaboration and communication. This special concept of leadership and teamwork is the core of our energetic spirit.
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