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Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) brings landmark policy changes to the healthcare industry.
Avalere has the expertise to help you navigate it.


Strategic Advice on IRA Implementation from Industry Experts

The wide-ranging effects of the IRA require new approaches to drug pricing, health plan design, and investment. With extensive experience in industry, government, and regulatory decision making, our team provides actionable advice to help clients understand the complexities of this legislation, prepare for upcoming changes, and identify opportunities to shape the law’s implementation. We develop and execute effective, creative solutions to meet our clients’ business goals.

Part D Webinar
Join us on October 11 for our webinar, “Part D Redesign’s Impact on Plan-Manufacturer Contracting.”
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Milena Sullivan

How Can Manufacturers Help Shape Medicare Price Setting?

Manufacturers should reevaluate CMS engagement strategies as soon as possible to maximize the opportunity to influence the IPAY 2026 Medicare price-setting process.

Kelsey Lang

CMS Selects First 10 Drugs for Medicare Negotiation

CMS selected 10 Part D drugs for the first year of negotiation. Stakeholders should consider engagement opportunities and evaluate broader therapeutic dynamics.

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