Implementation Science and Evaluation

We help clients understand and harness the power of implementation science to close the gap between evidence and practice and integrate evidence-based interventions into healthcare and public health settings.


Navigating the Evidence Landscape

Implementation science is focused on integrating evidence-based interventions into routine healthcare and public health settings and evaluating their impact in real-world use. At Avalere, we work with a wide array of stakeholders to develop and advance the adoption, implementation, and dissemination of real-world findings to programs, practices, policies, and guidelines shaping clinical care and public health.

For example, an organization conducting pre-launch trials may conduct a landscape analysis of health system and patient-focused attributes to understand barriers to and facilitators of care. Findings could inform market access strategy and post-marketing decisions.

Our Commitment to
Our Clients

In serving our clients, our subject matter experts leverage their decades of experience at major health systems, quality and life sciences organizations, government bodies, and specialty societies, as well as their involvement in the creation of numerous industry guidelines and measures. We help clients conduct landscape assessments to identify evidence gaps, convene experts to address those gaps, design intervention strategies, and implement and evaluate interventions.

We support clients by analyzing real-world data and developing practical insights. To complement our analyses, we leverage our extensive connections to go directly to key decision makers, get their input, and guide our clients on the best path forward.

A Hub for Implementation Science and Evaluation

With deep-rooted evidence and strategy knowledge across the healthcare continuum, we serve as an advisory partner to life sciences manufacturers, health plans, providers, and advocacy and non-profit organizations. As experts with tactical and academic expertise in implementation science, Avalere is committed to ensuring that evidence-based interventions are adopted, implemented, and disseminated effectively.

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