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Evidence Generation

Life sciences, diagnostic and device firms rely on compelling evidence to demonstrate value and support commercialization.


A Key Investment

Strategic evidence generation planning for pipeline and in-market assets is crucial to the execution of a strong evidence generation plan that supports coverage, reimbursement, and provider uptake upon launch. With a tailored approach, organizations can also integrate other evidence needs based on factors such as risk of third-party value assessment at launch, likelihood of Medicare drug price negotiation via the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), clinical validity and utility in clinical practice, and the need to demonstrate the patient-centric value of a product to enable shared-decision making.

Conducting primary stakeholder research supplemented by secondary landscape assessments of the literature can help build a foundation for multi-year evidence generation planning that is responsive to payer, provider, patient, and market demands. Such a strategy allows manufacturers to best position their products based on value proposition and anticipate market and policy pressures, such as coverage determination, value assessment and the IRA.

Tailored Strategic Advice

Upfront investment in evidence generation planning can yield long-term product success late into the life cycle, but identifying the most efficient and effective strategy is time-consuming and complex. Avalere’s evidence and strategy experts work closely with life sciences firms to craft evidence generation plans that will serve them throughout the product lifecycle, from investment, development, and pre-launch to in-line and late-stage steps.

A Hub for Implementation Science and Evaluation

With deep-rooted evidence and strategy knowledge across the healthcare continuum, we serve as an advisory partner to life sciences manufacturers, health plans, providers, and advocacy and non-profit organizations. As experts with tactical and academic expertise in implementation science, Avalere is committed to ensuring that evidence-based interventions are adopted, implemented, and disseminated effectively.

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