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Real-World Evidence Strategy and Development

Real-world evidence (RWE) offers valuable insights into the safety, efficacy, and cost effectiveness of medical products and interventions, enabling manufacturers to make informed and strategic market access and pricing decisions.


A Key Ingredient

Real-world evidence is crucial for manufacturers, providing insights into the real-world effectiveness and safety of medical products and interventions. It complements clinical evidence and offers invaluable perspectives on the patient’s journey, informing various aspects of drug development, regulatory submissions, and market access strategies. Because RWE can provide insights into healthcare delivery and utilization outside the controlled context of clinical trials, stakeholders are increasingly using RWE to inform strategic decision making.

Work With Us

RWE has multiple applications for the life sciences industry, including post-market surveillance, product labeling changes, value demonstration, and regulatory decision making. Understanding and applying suitable inputs, data collection, and patient engagement strategies are key for maximizing the impact of RWE. At Avalere, we apply expertise in RWE generation and collection, health technology advancements, and patient-centered care to help healthcare stakeholders identify, collect, and analyze relevant RWE to reach their business objectives.

Providing Clients with Actionable Insights

Our team includes well published researchers, pharmacists, and physicians as well as statisticians, health economists, and other public health experts who have worked for payers, providers, government agencies, and pharmaceutical companies. We apply this broad perspective to a wide range of datasets, thus providing clients with the real-world information and analysis needed to optimize early clinical development.

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