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Insights & Analysis

There’s one constant in healthcare: change. Count on us to break down the trends so you can stay up to date. Follow our take on each piece of this deep, intertwined, and often perplexing industry to find opportunities and practical approaches to move healthcare forward.

Elaine Dueland

Third Party to Assess Value of Digital Health Technology

As the US value assessment landscape evolves, a new third-party framework may standardize requirements and open reimbursement pathways for digital health.

Milena Sullivan

How Can Manufacturers Help Shape Medicare Negotiations?

Manufacturers should reevaluate CMS engagement strategies as soon as possible to maximize the opportunity to influence the IPAY 2026 Medicare negotiations.

Connie Jorstad

What is the Role of 340B Grantees?

Some federal grant recipients use 340B program eligibility to expand their reach and services provided to a wide range of patient populations.

Kelsey Lang

CMS Selects First 10 Drugs for Medicare Negotiation

CMS selected 10 Part D drugs for the first year of negotiation. Stakeholders should consider engagement opportunities and evaluate broader therapeutic dynamics.

Mark Gooding

How a New Technology Add-On Payment (NTAP) Works

Additional Medicare payment in the inpatient setting may be available to certain qualifying new technologies, but requires successful navigation of application processes.

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