Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Christie Teigland

“We share HEOR professionals' passion to drive positive change in healthcare by advancing the use of data-driven decision making.”

Christie Teigland

Accelerate Coverage & Treatment Decisions

Our award-winning statistical and data experts have demonstrated leadership in rigorous study design, close client collaboration, and a strong track record for widely disseminated, impactful analyses. Pharmaceutical and device manufacturers rely on our research to support discussions with payers, providers, regulators, and policymakers to advance the use of data-driven decision making to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. Our robust proprietary data asset, the MORE2 Registry®, strengthens our analyses by leveraging information from more than 63 billion medical events and 338 million unique patients across commercial, fee-for-service Medicare (100%), Medicare Part D (100%), Medicare Advantage, and managed Medicaid populations. We interpret the data based on real-world evidentiary health outcomes, focusing on comprehensive health economic insight to identify market gaps and revenue opportunities and demonstrate value-based benefits. Applying our proprietary data, we can track patients for a longer length of time across payer types; conduct time-to-event analysis using exact service dates; segment providers with identified NPI, name, and address; and link to external databases using deterministic (versus probabilistic) matching, including rich, granular social risk-factor, program evaluation, clinical trial, and benefit design and formulary data, as well as EHRs, health registries, and health risk assessments. Count on us to supplement your internal data.

Customized Solutions

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Comparative Outcomes Research
Cost & Clinical Effectiveness of Alternative Interventions
Disease Cost of Care
Impact of Social Determinants of Health
Observational Research
Outcomes-Based Contracting Design & Tracking
Patient Population Segmentation to Determine Needs
Policy Impact Modeling
Predictive Multivariate Modeling & Econometrics
Profile Providers for Network Optimization
Publication Strategy
Quality Measures Development & Validation
Real-World Patient Journey
Study Design