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At Avalere, we reward your drive and curiosity with challenging work that makes a difference. You’ll work in close collaboration with leading experts to bring research, analysis, and insights to those shaping the future of healthcare. It takes many roles and varying levels of expertise to deliver excellent work for our clients. You can count on work that is vital and valued.

We Value Your Success

Victor Rwetsiba

“Everyone I spoke with was very kind and genuine. Through those conversations, I knew I was joining the right company.”

Victor Rwetsiba
Consultant I


Interviewing at Avalere is an interactive process. You’ll have the chance to share your experiences, your passion for the work you’ve done, and the unique talents you bring to the table. Prepare to ask lots of questions about us and the work we do.

We plan for your visit, whether it’s in-person or via Skype, so that your time with us is well spent. Your interview will include staff who can speak knowledgeably about the clients you’ll work with and the projects you’ll contribute to. We want you to leave your interview with a sense of possibility and excitement about the next steps.

Ali Silverstein

“The formal trainings and informal conversations with colleagues in the first month prepared me to succeed in my new role at Avalere.”

Ali Silverstein
Consultant II


Every staff member comes in the door with a 30-60-90-day plan that clearly outlines short-term goals and expectations. This keeps us on our toes to ensure we’re delivering the right training around tools, processes, and the business so that new staff can hit the ground running.

In addition, you’ll have a Peer Ambassador to show you the ropes and lend an ear when you need one. Our onboarding program includes training that will expose you to the information you need right away and the people who will be crucial to your success.

Kelly Brantley

“Avalere's focus on developing leadership skills has changed my approach to coaching and mentoring others.”

Kelly Brantley
Practice Director

Training and Development

You’ll have an Individual Development Plan that identifies trainings and development opportunities that are tailored to your skills, interests, and career goals. Whether it’s the basics of consulting to building project budgets to communication and negotiation skills, you’ll find training for where you are in your career to help move you to the next level. In addition to leadership development programs, we offer one-on-one professional coaching and support individualized learning through seminars and courses that build your skills.

Elizabeth Carpenter

“As consultants, we work hard but we value flexibility, work-life balance, and professional development.”

Elizabeth Carpenter
Head of Advisory Services


We are flexible in our approach to work schedules and work locations. That extends to our benefits package and our approach to work-life balance. We offer a robust benefits package with special programs—TeleHealth, health concierge service, legal services membership—to support staff in their work and private lives. In addition to a well-rounded benefits package, staff appreciate a culture that focuses on team contributions and downplays hierarchy. Junior staff have the opportunity to work closely with seasoned staff in an environment where sharing expertise and developing the next generation of experts is a natural outgrowth of our learning culture. Staff feedback at all levels is prized whether it’s about business or our culture. We seek input so we can make changes that matter.

We know that attracting the best people means meeting them where they are right now in their careers and lives.


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