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About | Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion Creates Perspective

To be the essential voice improving healthcare demands that we bring experts from every background and discipline. We’re smarter and more creative because we encourage and value different points of view every day. The power of our diverse teams working in an inclusive environment creates the comprehensive perspective and innovative solutions our clients expect from Avalere.


We Believe in Community

Strong relationships are at the heart of our unique community at Avalere. Our Inclusive culture is built with intention and purpose, and it inspires each of us to bring our best ideas to improve healthcare. We celebrate different perspectives because they drive excellence.

Eli Strong

“Working toward creating an environment that allows everyone to feel comfortable showing up to work honestly and genuinely every day is huge.”

Eli Strong

My life at Avalere has been really interesting, both in my career and my personal development. I’m trans and have been with my wife for more than 15 years and with Avalere for more than 12. During my time at Avalere, I got married and we had a baby. 

Being supported for just being me was hugely important, and it was part of what allowed me to feel like I didn’t have to be so rigid in sharing who I was with the people with whom I worked. I was able to bring my walls down and be more present in my interactions with my colleagues.  I’m now very good friends with a lot of the people that I’ve worked with over the last decade, and that wasn’t something that I had intended at the time.

I got involved with the LGBTQ+ Alliance and we have done some important things. Avalere and our parent company, Inovalon, have leaders that are open to important changes, like adding pronouns to our email signatures or fixing language issues to be more inclusive in our benefits. When we raised those ideas, they just jumped on it.

We now have gender-neutral language in our benefits, and that’s important in creating a welcoming culture. Having people involved at every level has been beneficial across the board because we get to discuss issues openly in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  

If you are constantly second-guessing whether you are being valued and supported for who you are, you, as an employee, are not going to be getting the most you can out of any job. And the company is not going to be getting the best and most creative ideas out of its employee workforce or have the most physically and mentally healthy crew of folks. To allow people to show up as their fully authentic selves and to be present—not to hide who they are—to use language and create a work environment where everyone feels comfortable to show up honestly and genuinely every day at work—that is huge. 

Esi Panford

“This is honestly one of the few times in my career where I’ve worked for a large corporation where I feel like my voice is heard.”

Esi Panford
Project Manager

Working in a collaborative environment where we can physically see the diversity of the people builds a sense of comradery and psychological safety within our team. Even though we each have different titles and levels of experience, we treat each other with the respect of equals. We are encouraged to hear everyone’s ideas. We all have input and an opportunity to give feedback when a decision is made. 

Inclusion is very important to me, and so is operational excellence. Helping my co-workers find efficiencies is something I love to do. And they show they care about me too. I have multiple sclerosis and my team is very aware and sensitive and beyond helpful with my disability. I’m very grateful to them for their support and, for the first time, I am not ashamed. I’m open about my medical needs and circumstances and that has allowed others to confide in me about theirs. Diverse backgrounds from a professional standpoint are also a big part of the inclusion value. That’s honestly what drove me to Avalere. When you dive into people’s backgrounds, you will see that everyone comes from different aspects of the healthcare system. 

Project leads take the time to connect with junior staff to give context for the work, so they feel invested and can make meaningful contributions. There is also a huge emphasis on cross-practice collaboration. To see the way people bounce ideas off one another to get feedback, input, or buy in is inspirational and represents how we incorporate collaboration in our daily work.

We have a Health Equity Initiative which is an internal group that meets and discusses the business needs for diversity and equity projects.  I like that we’re not just focusing on DE&I internally, and that it’s also reflected in our work.  We are striving to be better and we care about being better.

Our senior leadership cares about being accessible and is directly accountable to all of us.  They are always willing to listen. Even if they can’t necessarily relate to what we’re going through, they acknowledge there is work to be done. It is both powerful and meaningful because the voices of employees are being heard. 

Miryam Frieder

“The respect for what I was doing was unflagging. It was an absolute recognition of who I was and what I was contributing.”

Miryam Frieder
Practice Director

At Avalere, we’re always working on how to be genuinely inclusive and to incorporate a diverse set of perspectives into everything we do. It is both a challenge and our goal for better work. 

We’re constantly thinking about how to bring people in to leverage each person’s special talents in the right combination to produce something better for the sum of all those parts. We assemble project and client teams that reflect the client perspective, expertise in different subject matters, project management styles, and different levels of seniority. Creating an environment where people can grow and realize a tremendous amount of value from their work is the surest path to our success.

Collaboration is the magic of multiple people sharing ideas with each other productively. When we work together, we get the best from each other. We strive to create a workplace where people can learn and share their views comfortably, whether we’re deciding on project roles, professional development paths, or recruiting. It’s in the fabric of everything we do.

There is an incredible amount of pride and satisfaction that comes with the excellence that we have represented and continue to pursue.

For me personally, I have appreciated being recognized for my strengths and contributions — more than I recognized in myself — even though my set of circumstances was unlike others.

Working in a different time zone, part time while raising my children, I still felt valued and valuable, and that, I think, is extraordinary: bringing my own self and my values to the workplace and not suffering for it.

Though my progress was gradual for many years, it was all by my own design having to do with my priorities of work-life balance. I was able to push my boundaries and try out things that I was less certain I would be good at and received 100 percent support and confidence in my ability to do that all along the way.

Jasmine Nicole Namata

“I feel validated, I feel heard, and I feel loved, honestly.”

Jasmine Nicole Namata

As an associate, I started at Avalere fresh out of college, and I’ve already been given many opportunities. I’ve joined roundtable discussions with some of the top manufacturers, physicians and providers in healthcare. People have welcomed my comments and questions and recognized my dedication, and they appreciate a little bit of a hustle. I’ve gained confidence from having colleagues, who have been in the healthcare industry for many years and clearly want me to succeed. They’ve personally invested in me, not only as a team member, but as a person.  

Our leadership knows our names, they know about us, and it’s not because they have a cheat sheet or read our bio, they’ve taken the time to sit down and talk with us, and that happens across the board. We have a culture that demands excellence and our value of community is practiced daily. We all work hard and are developing real relationships. It’s a team effort and that positive collaboration allowed me to feel welcomed and included.

There are people who I consider lifelong friends now because we’ve been through so much. They’ve been there for me personally and professionally. Last year, when there were numerous public cases of Asian hate and discrimination, I felt hurt, like other Asian Americans. The Avalere community recognized what was going on with many of us and asked how they could help. I had a good cry about it with my manager because she recognized it was a hard time. People gathered around and they listened in a judgement-free zone. My team was flexible during this time and offered to take items on for me because we had cultivated good relationships. They understood there were other drivers in my day-to-day life that were impacting me. 

Because of their support, I felt validated, I felt heard and I felt loved, honestly. It also made me feel that Avalere was a great place to be because I had people who cared about me – not only about the quality of work I delivered, but how I was mentally and physically feeling.

Rob Carter

“I’m a big believer that when we’re aligned, we can do amazing things.”

Rob Carter
Practice Director

I believe open communication is critical to everyone’s success. I am straightforward, and people know that I deeply care about their experience here. It shows because I see them taking chances and growing and learning the job. I also see a lot of people staying a long time, and I think it’s because there’s a deep culture of respect for each other, and the work is interesting, and contributes to making our healthcare system better. 

Cohesiveness is built when people are open, have fun and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. When I talked openly about mental health and using our company resources, for example, others also shared their experiences, saying that my vulnerability allowed them to open up. It brought everyone even closer together.     

My team knows that I have their back completely, doing whatever it takes to make sure they know they come first. The way I approach management is that I work for my team, they don’t work for me. My role is to support them, remove obstacles. 

We all have a sense that we have this big opportunity in front of us in developing people at Avalere. When we’re at our best, we’re training our employees, moving them up, making sure that they have increasing responsibility, they’re stimulated, and they are growing. Supporting our employees who want to do something to enhance their intellectual capital is key because when one person gets smarter, we all benefit. 

At Avalere, if you’re interested in something, you can go deeper and follow your path. As I go deeper in following my path in my work, I am more personally invested in the work. And describing my interests and my passion to my team translates to building personal relationships with them.  

That’s why I really try to understand where people want to go with their careers, and hopefully offer them the kinds of growth that they want within Avalere.


Christine Liow

“Avalere’s been very invested in seeing me grow both on a personal and professional level.”

Christine Liow
Associate Principal

A big part of why I’ve stayed for 10 years has been because of the continued opportunities to develop and grow, both personally and professionally. As my needs and my goals have evolved, Avalere has been responsive in supporting me in every way.

I’ve had the unique experience of working in four different practices, in large part because of Avalere’s growth and change as an organization. We have a fascinating mix of people who work here, and I’ve always felt like everyone, from my peers to senior leaders, is very accessible. They’ve come from different organizations and sectors, and it’s created such a rich environment. 

I’ve especially appreciated the collegial culture at Avalere and have personally experienced its benefits. I am passionate about improving healthcare quality and access, particularly as it pertains to preventive health. When I joined my current practice, my supervisor connected me with others who were similarly passionate about solving problems and driving change in this area. 

Together, we were able to grow an entire business area around what started off as simply a merging of common interests and ideals. The ability for us to collaborate and leverage everybody’s expertise and strengths has been very enriching. 

Avalere has also been incredibly accommodating about the demands of my personal life. I have had to move frequently all over the country as a result of being part of a military family. I feel grateful to have had the support of my supervisors and coworkers at every step and through every bump along the way. 

If you have persistence and advocate for yourself, opportunities will come your way. In terms of charting your own path forward at Avalere, you will have the ability to explore, get your feet wet, or try something new. I’ve realized that as long as I continue to have a passion for this job and to want to be part of this community, Avalere will find a way to accommodate me. 

Stefanie Garcia

“Avalere is made up of an incredibly brilliant group of individuals who work hard, and who understand the importance of having a rich personal life.”

Stefanie Garcia
Practice Coordinator

There’s a reason why I’ve had six different roles at Avalere in the past 10 years. I’ve had mentors and managers who have pushed me to consider where my deeper interests lay and to follow those interests. Becoming a manager was not something I would have done myself, but someone saw the potential for growth in me, and supported me through that process.

I’ve had exceptional mentors — strong, intelligent women who have guided me through their understanding of how Avalere works, and how the world works. In my time here, I’ve gotten married, adopted a dog, had a child. I’m also a professional actress in the D.C. theater scene. Avalere has allowed me to thrive professionally and have a full personal life, as well a full family life.

Encouraging people to find that balance and bring themselves authentically to work and be who they are is something that I’ve never found anywhere else. Avalere understands that you can’t be the best version of yourself, the best employee, if you don’t have a rich personal life.

Avalere employees have taken time off to bike across America, backpack the world, and they were able to stay on because they were valued, because Avalere didn’t want to lose them. We are a vibrant, unique and dynamic culture. We work very hard to cultivate and foster that supportive, appreciative culture that makes us different from everyone else.

As a mother and as a Mexican woman, there are a lot of different lenses through which I can see Avalere. We are a community of people. We are smart. We are fun. We are hard working. We want to give back to the community. We want to promote wellness in ourselves and in society. We want to be meaningful and thoughtful in how we work and how we live.

Everyone here has their own background and their own story. You meet brilliant, hard-working people and you have fun. 


We Make an Impact

Avalere continues to be a leader in understanding the effect of racial disparities on the healthcare system. Our longstanding relationships across all segments of the healthcare industry allow us to identify opportunities to advance health equity through data-driven approaches, improved access, and innovative partnerships.

Employee Networks

We Foster Belonging

As part of the broader Inovalon family, voluntary employee-led collectives foster an inclusive workplace and offer our employees an opportunity to network and support and promote those who share similar interests, backgrounds, or experiences.

Inovalon Black Alliance Network
The Inovalon Black Alliance Network (iBAN) aims to develop leaders through professional and social activities that provide a platform to network.

As a recent graduate joining Avalere, iBAN is an invaluable resource that provides a very inviting and insightful community and has fostered a more inclusive and welcoming professional environment.

Prosper Igboeli

The LGBTQ+ Alliance Employee Network fosters a more inclusive work environment in which all associates can bring their full authentic selves to work.

Connecting with other employees who also identify as LGBTQ+ has been extremely rewarding. Feeling a sense of community with other queer individuals helps provide guidance and support both personally and professionally. I encourage others to reach out and get involved! 

Zach Klein
Senior Associate, Policy

Inovalon Women in Technology
The Inovalon Women in Technology (IWIT) strives to empower women in the technical field by providing professional and personal development activities.

Attending the IWIT meetings has helped me realize that women in technology face similar situations, and together we are working to make changes. The energy of the group has helped me gain confidence and thrive.

Shannon Selzer
Junior Project Accountant

Inovalon Asian Alliance
Inclusive of all Asian countries, we aim to build a platform for professional and social activities for those with an affinity towards Asian culture.

Participating in the Inovalon Asian Alliance from Day 1 has been a wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues from different offices and a great platform for cultural exchange. It provides me with a sense of support both personally and professionally.

Sally Hwang
Senior Associate, Policy

Inovalon’s Women’s Network
The Inovalon Women’s Network (IWN) aims to develop leaders by enhancing leadership skills, sharing strategies for business success.

We meet regularly to design programs, speaker events, book clubs, and provide mentorship to all enterprise team members regardless of gender.

Amanda Napoles
Consultant II

Women Innovating Sales Excellence Network
The Women Innovating Sales Excellence Employee Network is open to anyone at who is passionate about the vision and mission.

WISE is a community of professionals seeking to elevate gender equity throughout the enterprise. Being mentored by other strong women who invest time in my career path is something I’m ecstatic about.

Jasmine Nicole Namata

The Latinx Alliance creates a safe space for Latinx employees/allies of all Inovalon business units and provides a platform for us to share our cultures.

I feel a sense of empowerment, joy, and excitement that our colleagues show interest in learning more about our culture, diversity, and our contributions. Leveraging my expertise in history and international affairs into my work life is fulfilling.

Emely Amaya
Executive Assistant I

Working Parents Network
This is a network that consists of a few individuals who have decided to share ideas, feelings and effective ways of coping during these unprecedented times.

This is a wonderful network that provides a safe environment for those of us balancing a successful career and raising the next generation. We share struggles, accomplishments, and give each other space to be human.

Gerald Thompson
Senior Manager

Community Service

We Serve Our Local Community

We are proud partners with Bread for the City for more than a decade. We provide our expertise, raise money, and send teams of employees to help glean crops and pack bags of food for those with food insecurity.

The mission for Bread for the City is to help Washington, DC residents living with limited income. They provide food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social services to reduce the burden of poverty.
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