Platform Technologies

Researchers are looking at innovative vaccine technologies that target preventable diseases, including using mobile technology platforms to support global pandemic preparedness.

Emerging Diseases

Vaccines created over the last 50 years have revolutionized the global public health landscape, yet not all existing vaccines provide optimal protection. In addition, infectious diseases are evolving once again, creating challenges for all.

Sites of Care

Where and by whom vaccines are administered continue to be areas of opportunity. Pharmacies, retail clinics, and other under-utilized care sites are options to expand access and coverage, ​working in coordination with traditional medical homes (e.g., providers, clinics, hospitals, public health clinics).

Novel Delivery Systems

Technology innovations deliver potential value across the entire supply chain. New routes of administration could support vaccine self-administration, and enhanced storage and delivery capabilities can bring vaccines to more places globally to address inequities in access.

Setting the Stage—Supporting Our Clients

To help our clients through this evolution, we develop integrated, end-to-end evidence, policy, and market access strategies, including these key steps:

  • Set, strengthen, and execute vaccine evidence strategies
  • Identify and develop key external experts
  • Obtain and implement recommendations from advisory and recommending bodies
  • Capture and leverage real-world evidence
  • Shape and navigate federal and state policy with strategies to optimize vaccine access
  • Obtain favorable procurement and coverage decisions
  • Engage payers and providers
  • Maximize public and provider disease awareness
  • Create innovative approaches to the vaccine supply chain
Thomas Hess

“The recent surge in COVID-19 cases demonstrates the importance of global access to vaccines. As a result, the need for innovation in vaccine delivery, technology, and pipeline acceleration is more acute than ever.”

Thomas Hess

Anticipate Vaccine Market Trends

Change is constant in our industry. To keep up, vaccine companies are mobilizing quickly to include new and innovative approaches to vaccines and public health. Here’s a snapshot of what we are seeing:

Customized Solutions

Strategy, Tactics, and Messaging
Research & Data Analytics
Evidence & Value Propositions
Federal & State Policy
Reimbursement & Market Access
Payer & Managed Markets Marketing
Account & Project Management
Communications & Design