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Real-World Data Analytics

Real-world data is a powerful tool for manufacturers to understand the value that their products can offer patients outside of a clinical setting.


Crucial Insights for Manufacturers

Real-world data (RWD) refers to health-related information collected from a variety of sources outside of traditional clinical trials, including electronic health records, insurance claims and billing data, product and disease registries, and patient-generated (e.g., wearable) devices. These data reflect the real-life experiences of patients in routine clinical practice, capturing a broader and more diverse patient population than typically seen in controlled clinical trials.

RWD provides life sciences firms insights into how their products perform in real-world settings, beyond the controlled environment of clinical trials. By analyzing RWD, manufacturers can better understand how their products are used, their effectiveness in different patient populations, any potential safety concerns that may arise outside of a clinical trial setting, and how their products compare to other available treatments. This information is invaluable for making informed decisions about product development, optimizing clinical management strategies, demonstrating the value of their products to regulators, payers, and providers, and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Expert Partner for RWD Success

With deep expertise in the regulatory requirements, payer dynamics, and market access considerations, our experts are well equipped to help manufacturers navigate the complexities of RWD, from identifying the most relevant data sources to designing robust study methodologies and interpreting the findings in a way that aligns with regulatory and market access needs. Our strategic guidance helps life sciences companies optimize their product development and commercialization strategies to maximize access and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Providing Clients with Actionable Insights

Our team includes well published researchers, pharmacists, and physicians as well as statisticians, health economists, and other public health experts who have worked for payers, providers, government agencies, and pharmaceutical companies. We apply this broad perspective to a wide range of datasets, thus providing clients with the real-world information and analysis needed to optimize early clinical development.

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