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Patient Journey and Site-of-Care Mapping

Specific, comprehensive, and pertinent data on patient journeys and sites of care help healthcare stakeholders identify opportunities for interventions and avenues to improve the patient experience.


Understanding Patient Healthcare Journeys

For drug and device manufacturers developing outreach strategies and health plans seeking to increase quality of care, an in-depth understanding of a patient’s journey can be invaluable. Familiarity with patients’ journeys can help stakeholders to identify vulnerabilities, market nuances, or variations in outcomes based on where a patient population receives care. However, accessing the information to develop such a strategy can be challenging. Claims data do not include prognoses or outcomes, and linking data from disparate sources is exceptionally time consuming. Even where a subset of claims data is available, it is often only a limited cross-section of a patient population, offering an incomplete analysis.

Where Expertise Meets Data

We combine clinical and analytic expertise with rich data sources to understand and communicate how a patient moves through care. By connecting multiple and sometimes proprietary data sources, our experts can create a longitudinal landscape of patients over time, developing a comprehensive picture of their care journey. For example, while claims do not include test results, our subject matter experts can link de-identified claims for lab tests with de-identified treatment records that indicate results. We can also map the time from examination to diagnosis, from diagnosis to treatment, the length of time on treatment, and the duration of survival following diagnosis.

By working with existing data in resourceful ways and engaging with our experts to develop clinical algorithms, we help clients not simply see, but also understand, a patient’s journey from both a clinical and economic perspective. Our team uses findings to generate heat maps, construct the ideal-state patient journey, and create patient personas, among other tools, to equip clients with the necessary insights to develop an effective intervention and market strategy.

Providing Clients with Actionable Insights

Our team includes well published researchers, pharmacists, and physicians as well as statisticians, health economists, and other public health experts who have worked for payers, providers, government agencies, and pharmaceutical companies. We apply this broad perspective to a wide range of datasets, thus providing clients with the real-world information and analysis needed to optimize early clinical development.

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