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Program and Intervention Independent Evaluation

High-quality, independent evaluations help to demonstrate value of existing programs and design better interventions for the future.


Improve Effectiveness

Evaluating healthcare programs and interventions is critical for understanding whether an initiative is effective, efficient, relevant to its audience, and sustainable for its sponsor. Evaluation requires a systemic approach to assessing the initiative’s design, implementation, and outcomes, then using the learnings to refine the program or design better interventions in the future. Health plans, patient advocacy organizations, healthcare providers, and other healthcare entities need accurate and timely evaluation of their efforts to ensure that time and other resources are being spent as efficiently as possible.

Expand Your Capabilities

At Avalere, our expertise in the evaluation of healthcare programs and interventions extends across a wide range of topics, settings, and scales. Our team of experts brings together diverse backgrounds in qualitative and quantitative research, complemented by a deep understanding of in-person and remote healthcare delivery. With our proven track record, we are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive evaluations that not only assess program effectiveness but also offer actionable insights for improvement.

A Hub for Implementation Science and Evaluation

With deep-rooted evidence and strategy knowledge across the healthcare continuum, we serve as an advisory partner to life sciences manufacturers, health plans, providers, and advocacy and non-profit organizations. As experts with tactical and academic expertise in implementation science, Avalere is committed to ensuring that evidence-based interventions are adopted, implemented, and disseminated effectively.

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