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Avalere’s Vaccines Experts Featured in Health Affairs Blog

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On May 24, Avalere policy experts published a piece on the Health Affairs blog highlighting opportunities to leverage quality measurement tied to payment to drive adult immunization uptake and achieve national population health targets.

Traditional policy levers such as school-entry requirements and the Vaccines for Children program have successfully improved vaccination rates in pediatric populations. For adult populations, however, complex challenges have driven the need for stakeholders to explore alternative solutions.

In “Linking Vaccines and Quality: A Public Health Imperative in a Value-Based Era,” Avalere experts outline the following:

  • The adult immunization platform
  • Barriers to adult immunization uptake
  • Quality measurement as a driver of immunization uptake
  • Strategies for effectively leveraging quality measurement to improve adult immunization uptake
  • Recommendations for prioritizing and strengthening incentives for adult immunization measures

Read the full blog post.

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