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Policy Design

Healthcare organizations engage Avalere to help them develop and articulate policy solutions that both achieve business objectives and address challenges caused by existing health policies.


The Intricacies of Policy Design

In an industry as complex as healthcare, even seemingly simple policies can generate unpredictable ripple effects throughout the market, which affect every organization differently and often yield unintended consequences. Achieving policy objectives therefore requires a deep understanding of the current environment (e.g., competitive dynamics, regulatory constraints, and stakeholder incentives, interactions, and interdependencies) and a thoughtful consideration of how any policy may cascade through and disrupt that environment.

Designing Elegant Policy Solutions

At Avalere, we support organizations from every sector within the healthcare industry to help them understand and navigate the market. We help clients identify market opportunities and design policies that enhance patient access and improve care quality and affordability. Our experts understand the historical context and technical details of current policies and use both qualitative and quantitative methods to model policy change scenarios at the state and federal levels—including how various stakeholders may react to those changes—and to design policies that achieve client objectives while mitigating downstream risks and unintended consequences.

Informed by Experience, Backed by Data

We don’t just study the healthcare industry; we’ve lived it. Our backgrounds span the breadth of our customer base, bringing diverse policy perspectives. We have worked in every area of the industry, including Congress, federal agencies, state governments, health plans, drug companies, advocacy and patient groups, nonprofit organizations, and pharmacies. Some of us have even helped to design the policies that are most relevant to our clients.

Expert insights and strategies are enhanced when informed by high-quality data. Our policy consultants collaborate with our team of analysts—who are rooted firmly in the policy space—to supplement their qualitative policy analyses with rich data analytics. Our distinctive ability to leverage data enables us to strengthen advocacy strategies, policy positions, and impact assessments, helping our clients to define and advance their goals.

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