Michael Brown

Consultant II

Michael Brown provides analytics expertise to healthcare organizations seeking to understand healthcare policy impacts and develop local- and national-level strategies.

Recently, Michael has helped clients understand downstream impacts of federal health spending under the Inflation Reduction Act and provided clients with Congressional Budget Office-style scoring for draft healthcare legislation in the US Congress.
Before joining Avalere, Michael worked within the Medicare Plan Payment Group at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, helping to develop guidance on the Medicare Prescription Payment Plan and produce the annual Medicare Advantage and Part D Advance Notice and Rate Announcement. Previously, Michael worked in the Office of Budget for the Department of Health and Human Services to help oversee Medicare’s budget across the Department’s various agencies. Before entering federal service, Michael worked at Oak Street Health providing medical economics analysis and insights to help advance the company’s care model strategy.
Michael received a BS in movement science from the University of Michigan, an MA in biomedical science from Midwestern University, and an MPP from the University of Chicago. He is the Board Treasurer for the Communities United, a Chicago-based non-profit.