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Specialty pharmacies are evolving to support the unique distribution requirements of CGTs and the complex patient journey from diagnosis to treatment.

Insurance coverage of anti-obesity medications is increasing, but patient access under Medicare remains uncertain.

In CY 2024 rulemaking, CMS proposes operational clarification to the discarded drug refund policy finalized last year.

Manufacturers should assess liability to drug waste refunds and engage with CMS as it considers an increased applicable percentage for specific product types.

Assessing barriers that impact patient access to obesity care and educating stakeholders on how to mitigate them can advance solutions toward improving care.

The FY 2022 update of the ICD-10-CM includes 19 new Z codes that relate to social determinants of health (SDOH). Z codes present an opportunity to standardize and improve patient SDOH data collection to assist stakeholders in addressing non-clinical needs that impact health outcomes and healthcare costs.