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May 13, 2020 1:30 - 2:15 PM ET

Evolving COVID-19 Impacts on Health Insurance Enrollment

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Avalere experts discussed the key issues and considerations for the healthcare industry as millions of Americans shift in and out of new sources of coverage.

The substantial increase in the number of Americans who are unemployed as the result of COVID-19 is dramatically changing the health insurance landscape. Compared to 2 months ago, more Americans are in Medicaid, enrolled in exchange plans, and uninsured than at any point in recent years. The continued shifts of individuals in and out of new forms of coverage will have implications for biopharmaceutical manufacturers, health plans, hospitals, patients, and other healthcare stakeholders.

Avalere shared key considerations for navigating the changing health insurance environment, including:

  • Loss of employer-sponsored insurance
  • Impact of unemployment insurance on coverage eligibility
  • Medicaid enrollment disparities by state
  • Potential for shifts in Medicare coverage
  • Impact of the long-term economic trajectory
  • Long-term outlook for unemployment insurance


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