Understanding Investment Opportunities in Kidney Care


We helped a large healthcare-focused private equity firm better understand the kidney care and nephrology marketplace and evaluate a potential investment asset in the sector. We conducted due diligence on the outlook and operating environment of a large nephrology group and built a quantitative evaluation of innovative kidney care payment models.

Client Type

A large healthcare-focused private equity firm


As the client considered backing an asset in the nephrology space, it sought our expertise in comprehensively evaluating the asset and helping the firm to better understand the larger kidney care sector, as well as in understanding the upside potential of participation in a kidney care demonstration model.


To provide data the client needed on both the kidney care sector and the particular asset, we conducted a study supplemented by due diligence research. We investigated reimbursement, regulatory, and payer activities in the sector and evaluated the asset’s performance in several new kidney care demonstration models that were testing novel reimbursement methods.

To complete our assessment, we leveraged a combination of regulatory and policy research, in depth reimbursement analysis, and survey and interview engagement with Medicare Advantage and nephrology stakeholders, as well as a Medicare-data driven analysis to evaluate the market’s trajectory.


With our comprehensive evaluation of the marketplace and the asset under consideration, the client gained a better understanding of the kidney care landscape. This understanding equipped the firm to make data-based investments and to continue navigating the nephrology sector with confidence.

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