Using Data to Evaluate Investments in Healthcare


We worked with a large private equity firm to evaluate the landscape of healthcare investment opportunities through a combination of strategy, analytics, and stakeholder engagement.

Client Type

A large private equity firm that owns innovative, high-quality healthcare businesses


The client wanted to better understand and navigate the healthcare landscape for physician services across a myriad of specialty areas, to support its strategy of maximizing returns by acquiring high-quality businesses. The client asked us to help develop its business strategy by surveying the healthcare landscape and quantifying promising opportunities.  


We evaluated the physician services market across more than 10 specialty areas, equipping the client with insight by synthesizing data from an array of public and private data assets. Along with in-depth surveys and interviews of plan and provider stakeholders, we leveraged proprietary claims-based reimbursement data, custom-generated utilization and diagnostics trends, provider market dynamics, and demographic trends as well as demand forecasts.

We also developed a market landscape model to support Medicare fee for service, Medicare Advantage, and commercial health plan reimbursement rate projections, which the client mapped across 200-plus individual procedures to create a comprehensive picture of the healthcare landscape. Results included the quantified ranking of specialty areas by opportunity, risk, policy, and payer considerations. 


Our services provided the client with a comprehensive understanding of the operating, reimbursement, regulatory, and payer dynamics across a broad swath of the healthcare market. This understanding informed the client’s thesis development and acquisition strategy and its evaluation of investment opportunities across the healthcare landscape.  

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