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Access Avalere’s Latest Research on Brand-Name Prescription Drug Spending

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Avalere released its latest report today, which highlights current brand-name prescription drug spending and projections for federal healthcare programs (Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE and VA).

Using data from the Medicare Trustees Report, the National Health Expenditures Accounts, CMS and other sources, it’s estimated that brand-name prescription drug manufacturers will receive about $1,126 billion in revenues from the sale of outpatient prescription medicines to federal healthcare beneficiaries between 2015 and 2024. {embed=”embeds/_article_slideshow” group_name=”FederalSpending1″}

Overall, it’s expected that the federal government will spend $13.7 trillion on healthcare in the next 10 years (not including subsidies provided to enrollees in Marketplace plans). The $1,126 billion going towards outpatient prescription medicines makes up 9 percent of the total spend in comparison to other categories mentioned in the figure below.

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Download the full report for additional findings.

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