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Clearing the Path: Through the Pandemic and Beyond

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Healthcare stakeholders face a unique set of challenges and opportunities in 2021 as we continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare for the political changes inherent in a new presidential administration. As we take stock of the historic events of 2020, it is important to look ahead toward the new era already coming into view.

Download Avalere Health’s 2021 Healthcare Industry Outlook: Clearing the Path, which identifies major trends and issues to watch in the new year and the likely impact on healthcare stakeholders. Highlights of the document include:

Confronting the Crisis: COVID-19’s Evolving Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has set in motion a cascade of major changes across the healthcare landscape. These include rapidly shifting sources of insurance coverage, an exacerbation of healthcare disparities, and increases in delayed or foregone care. As stakeholders track the effects of these changes on their markets, customers, and operations, they must monitor the government’s response to the public health emergency (PHE), particularly as the Food and Drug Administration approves COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics.

Recognizing Opportunity: Adapting to Long-Term System Change

The PHE has been a major focus in healthcare stakeholders’ day-to-day operations, but the environment continues to be shaped by trends that were present prior to the pandemic. For example, the use of telehealth, patient affordability concerns, and provider participation in alternative payment models are all continuing to increase, and the PHE may be accelerating the pace of growth. In other cases, the pandemic has prompted changes that may have longer-lasting impacts after the PHE ends.

Looking Ahead: The Post-Election Landscape

With the election behind us and Inauguration Day approaching, stakeholders will be calibrating expectations based on the incoming administration’s healthcare priorities. The change in presidential leadership will affect many issue areas, including the ongoing pandemic response and federal drug pricing policies. The Biden administration could roll back Trump-era changes to the Affordable Care Act, while cost-reduction efforts may take center stage as federal and state economic pressures intensify.

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