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Infographic: A View of Broad-Based Efforts to Engage Patients

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As regulators struggle to find answers to differing needs across the healthcare sector, patients are becoming a more integral part in shaping policy.

Some agencies, such as FDA, engage the public by hosting public patient-focused drug development meetings, and others like CMMI will spend up to $1 billion in healthcare innovation awards to encourage shared decision-making.

If you want to learn more about how other federal entities continue to engage patients in their decision-making, check out Avalere’s new infographic, “Patient Engagement: A View of Broad-Based Efforts to Engage Patients.” To download a copy, click on the “Download PDF” button.

The analysis featured in this infographic is powered by Avalere’s EBM Navigator. For a free trial of EBM Navigator, please contact Wendy Davis.

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