PCMA Business Forum 2023

John C. Neal

“Our experts support life sciences companies, health plans, and their customers as they navigate IRA policy implementation, from Part D redesign to understanding stakeholder behavioral changes.”

John C. Neal
Managing Director

PCMA Business Forum

We’re looking forward to engaging with industry leaders in person at the PCMA Business Forum on February 27–28, 2023, in Orlando, FL.

Our experts will be available to discuss these priority topics

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Implementation

Inflation-based rebates, Medicare price negotiation, Part D benefit design, and other IRA policies will have a profound impact on healthcare stakeholders. Avalere can help evaluate these policies’ effects and develop strategies for product development and investment decisions, manufacturer contracting strategies, plan formulary and benefit design, and ensuring patient access to medications.

Rethinking Value

The IRA is amplifying the focus on the value of medication, increasing the need for all healthcare stakeholders to consider innovative approaches to evidence generation and the measurement of value. Our experts can share policy, payer, and life sciences perspectives to provide insights on how anticipated market changes will drive behavioral changes across key stakeholders as they make decisions to maintain their business.

Maximizing Payer Engagement

Top-tier payer engagement is built upon an intimate knowledge of payer incentives and decision making and an understanding of how to add value in addition to a contracting strategy. Avalere’s team can help with using data and analytics to maximize formulary negotiations, net pricing, and contracting outcomes, and demystifying the role of actuarial science in plan decision making and the implications for plan negotiations.

Meet Our

The Avalere experts below will attend the PCMA Business Forum 2023 this year. Click the button to the right to connect with them and see how Avalere can help your business.

Lance Grady

Practice Director,
Market Access & Reimbursement

Expertise: Commercialization strategy, policy, access, reimbursement, net pricing, execution, specialty pharmacy, patient access strategy and services

John C. NealJohn C. Neal

Managing Director,
Market Access & Reimbursement

Expertise: Real-world evidence, non-traditional evidence generation, strategy, research, operations, technology innovation

Sarah AlwardtSarah Alwardt

Senior Vice President,
Healthcare Transformation

Expertise: Market access and payer strategy, development, execution

Milena SullivanMilena Sullivan

Managing Director,

Expertise: Medicare policy and payment, IRA, oncology, value policy and ICER, state drug pricing

Kelsey LangKelsey Lang

Principal, Policy

Expertise: Medicare policy and payment, IRA, obesity, CMS engagement and advocacy

Elizabet ShvetsElizabet Shvets

Consultant II,
Market Access & Reimbursement

Expertise: Health economics, specialty pharmacy and channel, innovative pricing and contracting

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